“All of us have to learn how to invent our lives, make them up, imagine them. We need to be taught these skills; we need guides to show us how. If we don’t, our lives get made up for us by other people” – Ursula Le Guin

Know Yourself   Master Yourself    Transform Yourself


PLEASE NOTE: UPDATE March 2023 – I am now working in a hybrid format of in-person and/or online sessions. I now have some limited availability!


I imagine you’ve come to this website because you’ve been searching for some help or support with the way you, or someone else, is feeling right now.

My name is Nick and I provide private counselling, mentoring and psychotherapy around a wide number of issues including grief, stress, anxiety, depression, addictions, finding meaning and purpose in life, transitions, relationship issues, decisions, spiritual growth and personal development, as well as issues around Gender, Sexual and Relational Diversity. I also offer various Workshops, seminars, training and speaking opportunities around issues involving Gender, Sexual and Relational Diversity.

Although it has roots in depth psychology, Psychosynthesis is an integrated and holistic model of counselling, therapy, healing and human development, which recognises that each of us are a soul on a personal journey. Central to its approach is an exploration of meaning, purpose, creativity, inspiration and values, whilst also addressing the many personal struggles that can effect us. Psychosynthesis seeks to explore, integrate and heal these areas through the search for wholeness beyond the bounds of a person’s individuality.

Working like this cultivates access to higher states of consciousness in tandem with structure stage growth and tools that will help you to identify shadow material in yourself – waking up, growing up, and cleaning up. The ultimate aim is to bring all this together in such a way that we can actually show up in the world as fully integrated, conscious and inspired human beings.

If you’re at the point where you have decided you need to talk to somebody about understanding or coping with something that is going on for you right now, probably the most important thing is that you meet with someone who you can get on with and trust. This site will hopefully give you some sense of me as a person, as well as information about my training, approach, way of working and what I can offer. Take a look around the site by using the menu tabs at the top of the page and if you get the sense that I might be able to help, get in touch. In the meantime, I wish you well.

Nick Field

MA, PGDip, MNCS Accred, MBACP, Accred AGSRDT

+44 (0)203 637 6544


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If you decide I am not the right person for you, these links take you to some on-line therapist directories: Pink TherapyNCSBACP, and UKCP

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