Leathersex Therapy/Counselling/Mentorship

I use the word ‘Leathersex‘ to define a specific sub-culture within gay male communities and within ‘Leather’/BDSM/kink scene itself.

It is a uniquely powerful, sexual and spiritual bonding between men based on power-exchange in intimate situations and has multiple meanings around a state or ‘way of being’ in the world – a life ‘path’, not simply life style, play or extreme leisure activity.

It includes varying levels of philosophical, ethical, sexual and spiritual beliefs. The distinctions are around education, involvement, experience, commitment and advocacy and although, historically, it was a gay, male sub-culture, it now cuts across all gender, sexual and relational diversities.


I can offer private counselling, psychotherapy, one-to-one/relationship mentoring and one-off psychoeducational sessions around a wide number of issues for those already in, who are seeking or who are drawn to and want to explore Gay/BDSM/Leather/Kink relationships.


These may include issues such as questions about the Leather scene, fetish questions, chemsex or other mind-altering substance use, altered states of consciousness, coming out issues, negotiating and contracting (Dom/sub) power dynamics and roles, fantasy exploration and understanding, issues around masculinity, relationality, anxiety, shame, guilt and overall self-acceptance, self-actualisation and spiritual/transpersonal issues.

You can read some of my writings around these subjects here

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