Don’t Worry – You’re Not a Sex Addict

safe_image.phpA clear and concise article by my colleague, Silva Neves, a psychosexual psychotherapist based here in London, where he deconstructs the myth of Sex Addiction.

Toxic shame is still such a problematic issue for many and being shamed for a sexuality that is intrinsically OK to start with, causes even further harm to all our Souls.

Silva does a great job of demystifying some of the, frankly, misleading and unhelpful media headlines and ‘hot topic’ therapy models for Sex and Porn Addiction that seem to be prevalent right now.

There is simply not enough clinical evidence that either sex or porn are addictive. Sure, you may have some sexual behaviours that you want to address because it causes problems in your life, but to have these pathologised into ‘Addiction’ causes fear and re-shaming around an integral, core part of  ‘being human’ – our erotic mind.

Human sexuality is a wonderful and diverse aspect of being ‘alive’. Even if it causing us distress at times, being able to explore, question, reflect on and make sense of this amazing aspect of ourselves with someone who has accurate knowledge about human sexual diversity and who can receive you in a non-judgmental space, can be a far more effective healing process than being shamed into believing there is something essentially wrong with you.

You can read his full article here.