About Counselling & Therapy

“To learn to be ourselves, we have to start with what we have – and what we always have is our experience in the moment” – A.H.Almaas

The therapeutic path often begins with pain, the prime motivating factor that drives people to begin to work on their personal development. We don’t seek therapy when we are happy and fulfilled, but rather when we hurt inside; when perhaps in spite of outer success, our inner world is suffering. Unconsciously, something vaguely beckons us. It is a promise that speaks to the impulse in us to differentiate ourselves from others and to experience our unique individuality. The therapeutic path promises independence, individuality, and autonomy. It promises potency and the experience of creating one’s own life. This promise and the pain bring us to the therapeutic path.(http://psychosynthesis.net/promises-pitfalls-spiritual-therapeutic-path/)

Vulnerability is the universal human experience.  Everyday, we react against our natural vulnerability by going into fight, flight or freeze, which can become problematic patterns in our body and mind.

Many personal struggles – anxiety, substance misuse, relationship conflicts, stress-based medical issues, depression, out-of-control sexual behaviour, confusion and fear around our sexual identity and fantasies, being ‘diagnosed’ etc – can be traced to not being knowledgeable or skillful with our vulnerability.

Sometimes we can also lose our way in life and we start to wonder what it’s all about – or even if it’s all worth it! I believe that we all have an ’emerging purpose’ even if we are not aware of it. Counselling is a way of tuning into our purpose by working through the blocks and resistances that show up in our lives in the form of addictions, limiting behaviours, ‘diagnoses’ or even depression/suicidal thoughts. Talking in a safe and confidential space can help us experience our vulnerability and find perspective and clarity, enabling us to step fully into our own lives.

I do know that seeing a therapist helped me through some difficult times, and I remember how scary the idea of going to a therapist was at first. I was anxious; I wasn’t sure I would be able to share my difficult, very personal experiences with a stranger.

Probably the most important thing is that you meet with someone who you can get on with and trust. This site will hopefully give you some sense of me as a person, as well as information about my training and approach. In the meantime, I hope things go as well as can be for you.

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