What to Expect

“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom” – Anaïs Nin

Miller Mair, a pivotal figure in the development of psychotherapeutic theory and practice in British clinical psychology, once stated that our task in life is: “… to know who, what and where we are in the world and how we understand ourselves as children of the universe”.*

My main intent with clients is to do just this. To get you to explore and question your life in ways you have probably never done before and in doing so, get you to the ultimate truth of who you are and how you fit in the world.

Being able to ‘tell your story’ is an important aspect of any personal development. Part of the solution (or problem) is in finding out what that story is for you and  finding a way of telling it or finding the right kind of people who we can be open enough with to seek out and explore what that story is.

Rather than solely focusing on symptoms, I  also work with clients to help facilitate these self-actualising narratives that generate awareness of your own individual story and then help you find a more plausible way for you to integrate this back into your life.

*Mair, J.M.M (2014) – Towards a Radical Definition of Psychology. The Selected Works of Miller Mair, eds. David Winter and Nick Reed. London and New York, Rutledge (p3)

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