Working with Me

“The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances: if there is any reaction, both are transformed” –  Jung

Information for Clients working with Nick Field.

When we decide to work together, we make a commitment to a number of sessions, which we review before deciding whether to continue longer term.

We will normally agree to regular sessions on a weekly or fortnightly basis. Please endeavour to be on time for your appointment as I am not usually able to go beyond our agreed session time.

Full fees are charged for all arranged sessions, including cancellations, unless we are able to reschedule. You are welcome to pay by cheque, cash, Bank Transfer or Paypal, either in advance or at the time of the session. My current fees are detailed here.

I would like to be kept informed if you are using alcohol or non prescribed drugs excessively or are taking any prescribed medication. Please also let me know information about other therapeutic work you are doing or have previously done.

I am a Member of the National Counselling Society (MNCS Accred)) and abide by their Ethical Framework, and their Complaints Procedure, which I can share with you if you require. I am also in regular supervision and undertake a commitment to regular professional training and personal development.

Our work is confidential. The only circumstance for my breaking confidentiality is if I have a serious concern that you may harm yourself or someone else. I would always endeavour to let you know if this were to be the case. I may discuss our work in supervision, which is an ethical requirement for my Registration with NCS and designed to ensure you get the best possible service. When I do talk about our work, I do so in ways which preserve your anonymity. I am happy to discuss my supervision arrangements with you. If you have been referred via an employee counselling service, then I will be asked to provide information for statistical and clinical management purposes. I am also happy discuss this with you.

Please ask about anything you’d like clarified about my practice or our work together. It is particularly important to let me know if there is anything about our work that you are unhappy about. We will periodically review our work together as it is helpful for us to know what helps and what might hinder your therapeutic progress. If you want us to stop working together, I would normally like to have at least four weeks notice of this, so that we may have time to explore our ending and its implications.

My aim to is offer a high standard of practice through a professional therapeutic relationship. It may happen that we accidentally encounter each other in a social, work-related, or sexualised setting. To try to protect your confidentiality, I will only acknowledge you if you make initial contact. It is my experience that all out of session contact needs to be discussed in our next session as it often has therapeutic implications for our work.

My contact details are here. If you need to contact me in an emergency, please use my mobile phone number and either text or, if you get my voice mail, I will call you back as soon as I can. I may not respond to calls/texts after 7pm at night and at weekends unless we have a specific arrangement to do this.

Missed sessions and cancellation – renegotiation

In order to help me make best use of my limited availability to see people, I normally require two weeks notice for any cancellation, renegotiation or termination of our contract. If you are ill, please endeavour to give as much notice as you can. If you need to rearrange a session at short notice and I can swap you to an empty slot, then I won’t need to charge you for a cancellation if you contact me 48hrs or more in advance. If you cancel within 48hrs of your appointment I will still have to charge for the missed session (NB: here’s a useful article on why this is actually important and helpful to the work).

Many people come to see me long term and I recognise the need to take holidays etc. So long as I have at least two weeks notice I will not charge for reasonable cancelled appointments; (I consider reasonable to be four weeks in any six month period).

Additional fee breaks would be at my discretion. I will endeavour to notify you at least a month in advance of any holidays I will be taking but I also reserve the right to cancel or rearrange sessions at short notice, under the same timescales that I request from you.

If we are working together for more than six months, I request that you give me at least four weeks notice if you want to end therapy, so that we can review our work together and end appropriately, endings are often significant in therapeutic work and it’s often a valuable period for increased understanding.

Professional Boundaries Statement

Because I also work with gender and sexual diversity clients, I have a specific Professional Boundaries Statement relevant to clients coming from these communities.

You can also find out how to get the most out of working with me by reading this short article:

9 and a half ways to get the most out of therapy



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