Fees & Data Protection


Initial Consultation session: £45 (£85 for couples)

Each subsequent one hour session: £55-£65 (£95 for couples)

Session fees can be paid by cash, card or Paypal, either in advance or at the time of the session.

PayPal – The safer, easier way to pay online!

In setting my fees I try to strike a balance between my worth as an experienced therapist who is solely self-employed alongside an affordable structure which allows people with a range of incomes to be able to access therapy with me.

I currently charge an assessment fee of £45 for our initial consultation and if we decide to work together, I ask you to pay subsequent sessions according to your gross income. I realise that this requires honesty and trust and those qualities are, of course, at the heart of every successful relationship. In cases of hardship, this initial consultation fee may be reduced.

My fees are revised periodically and I undertake to give you a minimum of one-month notice of any changes. I also trust that if your income changes (up or down), you will let me know and we can reflect that in a renegotiated fee.

I generally charge £55 per session for daytime appointments with individual clients. In the evenings, I charge a minimum of £65 for an appointment after 5pm. I do carry a couple of lower fee concessionary places and places for couples each week. If you want to enquire about one of these, please let me know.

I am also willing, if it’s appropriate to see you on a more flexible basis (fortnightly, monthly check-in etc) and this can spread your therapy cost out. It may mean progress is a bit slower or you do more work between sessions yourself.

If your income is below £22,000 p.a. you may be eligible for low-cost counselling at either The Psychosynthesis Trust or one of the LGBT charities, including The Albany Trust. I can also make other recommendations for low cost counselling if required.

Data Protection

I comply with the Data Protection Act and am Registered with the ICO, (Registration Reference: ZA158801).

I have password protection and encryption on all devices that use electronic data, such as computer/phone/tablet. No one has access to passwords on devices but me, so if we communicate via any of those methods in the way of email or text, you can be assured of confidentiality. I will only keep said correspondence for as long as necessary either to to process your request, or during and after either our correspondence or our working together, after such times, the data will be deleted.

You can see my GDPR Statement here

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