Know Yourself   Master Yourself Transform Yourself

One the fundamental goals of Psychosynthesis is to allow people to regain a sense of meaning and purpose in their lives so that they can not only adapt with ever increasing awareness and flexibility to inevitable changes and transitions, but also feel empowered to be agents of change, steering their own development in their chosen direction. The table below offers a summary of this process:



Know yourself

  • examine the conscious aspects of your personality
  • explore the vast regions of the unconscious
  • develop the capacity to disidentify/self-identify become the loving observer of your inner dynamics (discovery of the “passive” qualities of the I-Self)

Master yourself

  • develop further the capacity to disidentify-self-identify (self-awareness and self-compassion)
  • activate and develop the will
  • implement strategies to regulate and master the conscious and unconscious aspects of your personality (discovery of the “active” qualities of the I-Self)

Transform yourself

  • foster an inner attitude of increasing awareness and flexibility towards inevitable inner and outer change
  • utilise the most appropriate techniques to actively promote the change you have willingly chosen to pursue (conscious reconstruction or re-creation of the personality)

It is, however, very important to highlight that these three stages should not be considered as a rigid chronological sequence. They refer to ideal steppingstones, distinct but not separate, along the Psychosynthesis path. We can imagine such a path as circular or cyclic: we get to know a part of ourselves, master it, transform it and move on to another part of ourselves and so on. Psychosynthesis is often thought of as a process that never ends.

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