BOOK REVIEW: Critical & Experiential : Dimensions in Gender and Sexual Diversity

A new review of the book I recently had 2 Chapters published in:

“Although aimed at the practitioner and professional there is much in this book that an informed layperson can benefit from, not least of which is the clear honest voices of experience of people living lives of delicate complexity and discussing openly and with a clarity that’s often not given platform the ways and means of developing ones identity, life choices and experiences based on what’s true to you.

There are some profoundly interesting chapters in this book, that challenge as much as inform but anyone with an interest in proud, frank and non-pathologizing discussions of gendered identities and sexual practices that are explored in honest and engaging ways would find this book invaluable in a process of personal understanding or development.”

Full review available here.

Available for purchase now here and here.

Free copies available for Reviewers and discounted copies available for Individuals, Institutions and Event Organisers. Please contact me on or contact Resonance Publications direct for further information.


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